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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Dominated By DNA Part 36 Finished

Part 36

Sara was wearing her jogging suit again and watching the monitor as the call connected on the Tuesday morning. “Hi Chloé, Anne, how are you two this morning?” She asked the others.

“It was a wonderful Saturday, Sara.” Chloé answered “Everybody had a lot of fun, getting tied up and freed.” The French student went on in great detail about the adventure on that day.

“The birthday party later was very good as well.” Anne frowned a little as she stared at her monitor. “You seem to be different somehow.”

“Yes, Sara, I am unable to see what it is, but there has been a change. Has something happened since our last call?”

Sara smiled at Chloé’s comment, as something had indeed happened. She had spent most of the past five days helplessly bound and gagged as Brian made love to her again and again. She even activated her abilities several times for the sake of testing, and Brian’s ritual of lovemaking and feeding switched off her production. The additional effect of them spending the time like this was that they were bound on the most basic emotional levels as well.

They haven’t noticed that the lights have changed. I wonder if Miss Smith will see what has happened when she logs on. A third window opened on Sara’s monitor which showed the face of the scientist.

“Come on, Sara. Tell us what has happened.” Anne said “You actually look cheerful.”

“You have not appeared to be this happy, ever since you had to move to the cabin.” Chloé commented.

“Do any of you actually use your eyes!” Miss Smith said “Haven’t you had a look at anything behind Sara.”

“Mon Dieu! How could we have missed it, Anne!”

“Sara, you are no longer producing pheromones. What has happened?” Anne said.

“Finally, they’ve noticed what has happened, Miss Smith.” Sara said. “Brian, could you come downstairs please?”

The three people on the monitor watched in shock as the Australian walked down the stairs. “I’d like to introduce you all to Brian Carter.  Brian, the people on the monitor from left to right are: Anne Duncombe, Chloé Badelaine and Miss Smith. They are good friends of mine.”

Sara told the trio what happened on the Thursday morning after the last call and explained that they had spent the weekend getting to know each other. “I know that I shouldn’t ask this Anne, but Brian needs to have his visa extended, because his has remained illegally to help me.”

Anne smiled. “Consider it done, Sara. Just let me have his details and I’ll arrange it. Is your kettle full of hot water?” She asked.

“Yes, Anne. Why did you ask that?” Sara asked.

“Because you will have three visitors in a little while, and they will all want a cup of coffee with added hugs...”

Sara and Brian waited outside as the SUV pulled up to the front of the house, and the three ladies virtually jumped out of the vehicle and ran towards their friend who was surrounded.

“I thought that I would never be able to touch you again.” Said Chloé, holding onto Sara tightly.

Anne also gripped Sara, which prompted the lady to say “Isn’t this behaviour just a little unprofessional for an FBI agent.”

“I’m not bothered about that right now, I’m just happy that you’re better.” Anne replied.

Even Miss Smith joined in on the hugs, which was unusual. “I don’t usually get emotional, but given how genetics research was used to affect you.”

“It’s okay, Miss Smith. Johnson was hoisted by his own petard in the end.” Sara said.

Anne released her hold on the lady and walked up to Brian. “So, you are the Australian who has helped my friend, and got through all of the detection systems here.”

“That was just good luck, Agent Duncombe.” Brian replied.

“More than that, I tried to have a search done on you. All I got was that you are retired and everything else is covered by ‘Part VII of the Crimes Act 1914 (Commonwealth) Official Secrets and Unlawful Soundings’ under Australian law. I am not going to ask you about your past, but I want your promise that anything here is treated just as confidential. In return, you can stay here as long as you want.”

Miss Smith disentangled herself from Chloé and Sara, took a large case out of the car, and said “I wish to speak with you in private, Brian. Something happened to that that is clearly not standard, and this is what has altered Sara. May we speak alone upstairs?” She asked.

“Certainly, Miss Smith. Please remember that certain data will have to be kept confidential, but I will help you as much as possible. Now, if you’ll follow me.” The Australian walked into the house with the scientist as the other ladies hugged and talked.

“Where are my manners?” Sara said “I need to get you all a drink.” The lady led the other two into the cabin. “It is wonderful to speak to you personally without having to resort to wearing a biohazard suit.”

The lady went into the kitchen and prepared five cups of coffee, bringing them back into the living room and placing them on the coffee table. Anne, Chloé and Sara passed the time by chatting until Miss Smith and Brian came back down.

“I’ve had a talk with Brian, and I have a version of events that I can give to you.” The scientist remained standing as she spoke “In nineteen ninety, for reasons that are confidential, Brian suffered some damage on the genetic level. The doctors in Australia tried an experimental form of viral drug therapy to repair the damage, but it didn’t seem to be successful, so there was nothing to do but wait for him to die.”

“While Brian was in the hospital, he somehow got bitten by a male red-back spider. Ironically, this was lucky as the material that passed into his body hitched a ride on his viral therapy and the genetic code ended up repairing the damage.”

“Now from what I’ve checked up, Red-backs are closely related to black widows, but there is one major difference. The male does not flee from the female after mating, but, er- provides her with a meal. This would explain why Brian does not run in terror, as all he wants to do is feed you. It’s clear that an act of feeding so close after mating permits some kind of chemical marker to be passed from Brian to Sara which has a suppression effect on pheromone production, just like when a female Red-back loses interest in wanting a second mate.”

“Obviously, the chemical markers will decay over time, so the lovemaking and feeding will have to be done on a regular basis. Now for the good news. If I collect some samples, I think that I should be able to replicate a new spray that can work as a counter agent, unless a certain amount of time has passed, or if Sara deliberately activates again, in which case Brian has to help her.”

“Now, I’ve got a long day of sample testing and experiments.” Over the day, Miss Smith discovered that Chloé retained some semblance of control over herself so long as Brian was there, and that Anne’s reaction of feeling the pheromone was to get away from Sara and throw water over herself.

When the day was nearing its end, the ladies said goodbye to Sara and Brian and made their way back. Within a week, Miss Smith had created a new counter agent for Sara and work out that the normal decay rate was about fifteen days.

It was nearly a month before all of the tests were completed to Miss Smith’s satisfaction so that she could be sure that the new counter agent worked, and Brian was driving the car from the log cabin to Angela’s apartment on a Friday evening with Sara and Chloé as passengers. It wasn’t long before the car was parked outside, all of Sara’s items were taken into the spare room, and the two young ladies watched as Brain and Sara closed the door behind them.

“We must sit in the living room until Brian has finished.” The French lady said as she walked downstairs with her friend.

“Why are they making love now?” Angela asked as she sat down “Why not yesterday?”

“Brian wants to make sure that Sara has the optimum ‘charge’ so to speak, as Anne has arranged special training for him, and it happened to end up coinciding with our special week away with the other girls. Sara has a bagful of counter agent cans, so there will be no threat to you. Plus, we are leaving you a few detector alarms for you to place around the house, just in case.”

“Brian will come down and cook a steak for Sara. I will go into the kitchen once he starts.”Chloé said.

Eventually, Brian walked downstairs and into the kitchen, with Chloé following behind him as silently as she could, so that she could see how he cooked the meal and have her suspicions confirmed.

As he carefully cooked the rare steak, she saw the action that proved that her theory was accurate, but she jumped when Brian spoke. “You have many good qualities Chloé, but unfortunately stealth and caution aren’t among them. Did you see what you needed to see?”

You knew that I was here all the time, and you let me watch, which means that you trust me to remain silent. Chloé waited for a moment before speaking. “As you permitted me to see this, it must mean that keeping a secret must be among my good qualities. Oui, I managed to work it out, but I needed to be sure.”

“I knew a little about the Australian Red-back spider, but there was something that I needed to check. The male never runs away from the female, in fact he feeds her after mating by forcing himself onto her fangs so that she can take his life blood.” Chloé explained.

“So, you understand why I am doing this.” Brian said as he pricked his finger again and let a few more drops of blood fall on the steak.

“Oui Brian, it is the act of feeding Sara plus the chemical markers in the blood that suppress the pheromone production associated with the ‘mating’ process. I know that they are two different spider groups, but similar enough for the chemical signal to be effective.” Chloé said.

The Australian cut the steak into small pieces and put them onto a plate, along with some cutlery. “I understand that Anne has talked to you about making a request to Sara. It is something that you mentioned to her on the Saturday that all hell broke loose.”

“Oui, she thought that I would be the best one to broach the subject.” The student answered.

“As I know that Sara still likes you very much, I am going to leave her for you to make love to her, so that she will be distracted when I leave for the week’s training. After she has been loved, that would be the time to make the proposal. Remember, she has a week to make the decision, so she doesn’t need to rush into it.”

“I will stay with her for tonight Brian, and take a taxi to Mrs Blackwood in the morning, so that Anne can pick me up for the holiday. Sara will have company for the week, which will be much better than having to stay on her own, as she had to suffer that for long enough because of my impetuousness.”

The young lady waited in the kitchen as Brian went upstairs to perform the feeding ritual that would ensure that Sara’s glamour would be suppressed for the next fifteen days. After about fifteen minutes, he walked back down and into the kitchen, placing the items in the sink and turned to Chloé.

“I’ll drive off now, and you can ensure that Sara is kept company for tonight.” Brian said “I know that she will be in good hands with Angela, and don’t press her on your idea, just ask her to give it some thought.”

Chloé gave Brian a big hug “Please take care of yourself, as you are important to all of us, but especially to Sara.”

“I will Chloé, but I think that you had better get upstairs, and I’ll make my own way out.” Brian said as he briefly returned her hug.

The young lady released her hold and quickly made her way up the stairs to the bedroom where the helpless lady was, and she noticed the bright green glow from the new detector watch. It is good that they have improved it to show varying degrees of production, so it can also behave as a warning system.

The nude lady lay on her back with her arms and legs pointing to the corners as a result of the ropes that held her in a spread-eagle position, and the large pink ball gag in her mouth prevented her from speaking. The blindfold over her eyes prevented her from seeing who was in the room, so she wasn’t able to steel herself when Chloé mercilessly tickled her feet.

After a few minutes of torment, Chloé lay down on top of the captive, and caressed the mounds of her breasts while kissing her softly on the cheek. The woman moaned softly as her neck was kissed and fingertips gently traced paths around and over her nipples. The kisses moved down to between her breasts and the fingers wandered down and caressed her Mound of Venus, causing her to writhe under the touch of her captor.

Kisses landed over her breasts, and fingers ran over and between her petals, bringing her to the peak, when Chloé stopped and pulled back, leaving the lady to suffer the torment of denial. This happened several more times until Chloé allowed the helpless woman to orgasm.

As Sara relaxed in her post orgasmic reverie, she was gently kissed and cuddled by the student who removed her gag, and the woman exercised her jaws in order to remove any stiffness.

“Sara, do you remember that Saturday morning several months ago, when we discussed how you could put your abilities to good use?” Chloé asked

“Yes Chloé, in fact it’s been on my mind ever since Brian turned up and changed my situation completely. The ironic thing is that it has gone hand in hand with that dream concerning a large building in England, and I feel that it may turn out to be very important.” Sara said.

“Are they getting stronger?”  Chloé asked.

“They are getting clearer over time, and I’m sure that the meaning will come to me eventually. It’s not like the normal premonitions, like I had about you and Angela or like my ancestors have had, as they occur less than a day before the event.”

“Chloé, I’ll give it my full attention over the week, I will talk to Anne when she gets back, and then I’ll make my decision.” Sara said. “Chloé, could you hold me please, as I miss Brian already.”

“That is unsurprising as you have just spent the month with him, and I’ve never seen anybody in love like you two. I know that your responses are influenced a little by your unique circumstance, but your own feelings toward each other have grown very strong in such a short time.”

Sara was freed from her bonds and the two ladies talked on into the night, until Sara fell asleep and Chloé rested beside her. In the early morning Chloé gathered her items and left for Coral Blackwood’s house…

It was a week later, when Anne returned with Chloé and Brian, and there were plenty of hugs to go around. “I must take Sara upstairs, if that’s okay.” Brian said.

“Brian, you know that I love you, but I must speak with Anne in the living room first as it is very important.” The woman in the grey jogging suit with pink trim said as she walked into the room and sat down.

When everyone else had sat down, Sara spoke. “I have given Chloé’s idea a great deal of thought, and I have come to a decision on the matter. I’m sorry Anne.”

Suddenly, Anne looked crestfallen. “I’m sorry Anne, but I have to place a condition on my help. If I get any dream or nightmare that I consider requires my action, I am to receive unconditional help on it. If this is acceptable, then I am ready to help in whatever way possible.”

The FBI agent looked stunned “Why yes, Sara, I’m sure that my superiors will agree to it, but I will have to make sure first.” Anne replied “I just wish you hadn’t phrased the beginning the way that you did, I thought that my heart was going to stop.”

“Anyway, Brian and I have some catching up to do, so if you’ll excuse us.” Sara said as she took Brian by the hand. “Oh, and Brian, remember to put plenty of your special sauce on the steak.”

“Sauce?” Brian asked as he stood up.

“Yes, the ‘Brian de Haemoglobin’ sauce. You forgot to throw away the tissue with your blood on it from last Friday, and then I did a little research on the Red-back spider.” Sara said as Brian blushed deeply. “Well, let’s go upstairs.” Sara walked out of the room, pulling her life partner behind her.

Anne waited until Sara was upstairs before taking out her cell phone and calling her superior. “Sir, Sara has made her decision.” She said and explained Sara’s condition. “Is her condition acceptable? Did you mean that was something you were counting on her wanting? Well, if that is the case, then I’ll give her the good news.”

The FBI agent put her phone away and turned to Chloé. “The Pink Widow project is now active.”


Friday, 17 May 2013

Dominated by DNA Part 35

It was nine o’clock on a Monday morning and Sara lay on her bed in her hotel room, waiting for a telephone call from Anne. The lady was dressed in grey jogging suit with pink trim, and her trainers bore the same colour scheme as her clothing. The phone beeped, Sara picked it up and answered the call from Anne.

“Good Morning Sara. The briefing room is ready, and I am on my way to pick you up. Would you be so kind as to suit up and run the extractor fans.”

“Thank you Ann, I will see you in a few minutes. Bye for now.” The call was ended and Sara quickly put on her biohazard suit, making sure that all of the seals were in place. The next act was to put her red watch onto her left wrist, switch on the fans in the room, and it took about a minute for the colour on her watch to change from red to green.

All I have to do it wait for Anne to turn up and take me out via the door. Technically, this is a test exercise for the CDC, so that should keep people from being nosy.

There was a knock on the door, and Anne’s voice called out “Are you ready, Sara?”

“I’m fine, and I’m opening the door.” She opened the door and looked at the FBI agent in her usual working clothes. “I take it that a coughing fit will be useful, once we reach the parking level?” Closing the door behind her, Sara handed the keys to Anne.

“Yes, Sara. Some people will most likely believe that this for real and the exercise is a cover up.” Anne said as she walked to the elevator with the suited lady beside her. The trip down to the basement was uneventful, and the lack of any other people made any pretence unnecessary as they made their way to the agent’s car. The trip to the building where the briefing was going to take place took about thirty minutes, and when they walked into the room, Chloé, Angela, James, and Miss Smith were already seated. There was a spare seat to the right of Chloé, and Sara sat down in it.

Anne stood in front of the others. “Good morning everyone, your cover story for today is that this is a counselling session for the loss that you have experienced. In truth, this is a briefing for how to deal with this situation, and I hope that you can understand Sara’s decision and the sacrifice that she is making. I know that faking Sara’s death will be hard for some people, but it’s better to do this than leave the others in any possible danger.”

“Chloé and Angela, you will both be returning to Maine, and arrangements have been made for you two to continue your courses there. Miss Smith, there is a position for you at the university of Maine, and you will be able to continue research into Sara’s condition as well.”

“James, as soon as your summer break starts, you will get an acceptance letter from the University of Maine. It is a good university, and your schooling will be paid for. This will make it easier for me to keep an eye on all of you as the ongoing situation is still my responsibility. There is another reason, and I’m sorry if I’m being sentimental, but it will be much easier for you and Chloé to meet.”

“Everyone please note that Sara’s pheromone production has not diminished in the last twenty four hours, and it is likely to remain that way until we discover a new treatment.”

“Sara, we have a special log cabin in the wilds of Maine for you to live in, and don’t worry about the name, because it is as furnished as a modern flat. We will set up pheromone detectors as soon as possible, and we will keep in touch with you regularly.”

“Now everyone, will you please open your folders so that we can go through the various protocols, especially for visiting Sara.”

It was a long day, as they went through every little detail, and it got quite hot at times in the biohazard suit, but Sara managed to maintain her concentration. Whenever anyone was unsure, Anne took them through it again.

“And don’t forget, if you ever talk about Sara being alive, the simplest thing is to apologise about your act of denial, and that you wanted to think of her as still alive. Believe me, it’s easier than it looks.” Anne rose from her chair. “I’m to take Sara on a chartered flight tonight to Maine and help her get settled into her new accommodation, so we both need to leave now. Hopefully, I’ll be back some time tomorrow to continue the work here.”

Sara quickly hugged all of the people in the room, and she held onto Chloé for several minutes. “It’s a pity that I have to hold you with this suit on, Chloé. Maybe Miss Smith will find an effective treatment for me in her laboratory.”

At this comment, Chloé started to cry, which set Sara off as well. “I am so sorry Sara.” The French lady sobbed “It is my fault that you have ended up in this situation, and I should be the one to suffer, not you.”

“I have no regrets about this. Even if I knew that I would end up like this, I wouldn’t have hesitated.” Sara replied.

Finally, the two women separated and Sara left with Anne to go to the airport...

“So you’re both helping to set up an adventure for the birthday girl on Saturday.” Sara said as sat in her jogging suit and looked at the two windows on her monitor which showed the faces of Anne and Chloé. “She’s certain to have a good time then. What will you be doing, Chloé?”

“I will be the Italian villainess, Eva Kant, and Anne will be helping as needed.” The French lady answered. “My studies are coming along fine, and being back at Maine means that I don’t have to pretend to anyone.”

“I hope that you both have a good time, and as this will be a busy weekend, there is no need to call me until Tuesday.” The lady said “Anne, I still feel guilty about taking your time up when your friends needed you so badly after the kidnapping.”

“If anyone is responsible, then I am the one to blame, mon amie.” Chloé said “If I had not rushed off to speak to Angela, all of this would not have happened.”

“Don’t blame yourself, Chloé.” Anne said “It was two o’clock in the morning, and you were at your most tired. That’s why you were contacted then. You made no mistake, it was just clever planning.”

“Let’s not argue, please.” The woman in the tracksuit said “You need to make your preparations for the weekend’s event. I’ll speak to both of you on Tuesday, love and hugs.”

The two ladies on the monitor said their goodbyes, the connection ended, and Sara looked at the warning red lights on the walls. Maybe Miss Smith will find a new counter agent, but it has been over a month and there has been no diminishing in my pheromone output. It is good to live vicariously with those in Maine, and the connection provides me with plenty of information. I won’t get any visitors as this area is marked as an ‘Anthrax test zone’ which will be enough to scare anyone away, plus there are warning systems to let me know of any unauthorised presence.

The front door was open to allow fresh air into the living room, and Sara went upstairs to her bedroom in order to undress for a shower. This didn’t take long, and the lady decided to spend the rest of the morning wrapped up in a towel, and watch some television, so she went downstairs, sat down on the couch and picked up the remote.

A moment later, she dropped the remote in shock as a man walked through the door! He was tall, broad shouldered, with black hair and a handsome face, and he was wearing blue shorts and t-shirt. There were a pair of hiking boots on his feet, and there was a large grey rucksack on his back which he put down onto the floor before opening the top.

“You must get out of here now! It’s too dangerous for you to remain here!” Sara screamed at the man, as she felt her strength leave her. It’s even more dangerous for me, as it will be Tuesday before Ann and Chloé call again! You will tie me up and mate with me, and I will remain helpless with my fate sealed as you run away in terror!

It was at that point that she trembled as she heard him speak in an Australian accent “I want to mate with you. You need to be secured that I can give you the pleasure that you wish for.”

“No! You don’t have to do this!” She screamed as she watched him remove a bag from the top of the rucksack and advance towards her. What the hell happened to the warning system? There were even supposed to be anti personnel devices that were supposed to deploy automatically, please don’t tell me that you somehow managed to avoid all of that!

The terrified lady felt as weak as a kitten as he lifted her up off the couch, and pulled her arms together behind her back with her hands pressed palm to palm. She cried out as rope was firmly wrapped around her wrists, cinched and then the ends were tied off out of effective reach of her fingers. It won’t be long before I am completely bound and immobile and then you will want to take me. Oh no, I can’t be feeling that, please NO! The captive squirmed as her elbows were pulled together and secured firmly, which forced her lower arms into a parallel position, and the heat of lust grew in her loins, despite the fact that her situation was going to leave her to a dreadful fate.

“Let me go! You don’t know what is going to-ulp!” Her pleading was stopped as a rolled up piece of white cloth was pushed into her mouth, and a wide white cloth strip was place over her lower face and knotted securely at the back of her neck. The captive rubbed her legs together as the feeling of desire built up in her mound of intimacy.

A squeal escaped her gagged mouth as the man pulled the towel away from her body which exposed her naked body to his gaze, and she soon found herself forced to the floor in a kneeling position. A length of rope was wrapped tightly around her right calf and thigh, cinched so that the rope gripped even more firmly and the knot was tied in the space between the upper and lower parts of her immobilised limb. Her left leg was bound in the same way which left the lady helplessly kneeling in a frogtie.

This is it, you’re going to take me and leave me to my fate. What are you doing now? The man took some more rope, and the lady found her upper arms bound firmly to her chest with loops that went around her body, above and below her breasts. A minute later, her wrists were secured to her body with another length of rope that went around her waist.

By this time, Sara’s intimacy was like a cauldron of desire, and her eventual fate was pushed out of her mind as the only thing that she desired was for him to mate with her. I’m nude, helpless and available. What are you waiting for!

To her surprise, the man gently picked her up in his arms,  carried her upstairs to the bedroom and laid her on her back on the large brass bed. “You need to be made love to properly, not on the floor for your first time with me.” He took six long pieces of rope and tied one end to her bent knees, her arms at the shoulders, two to the waist rope on either side of her body, one to her wrists ande on to her hair.

This is incredibly ornate, but you don’t need to do it, take me now! A cry came from the captive, as her need built up to a level that caused her to writhe uncontrollably, and she begged to be taken by the Australian. The man ignored her as he tied the other ends of the ropes down to the bed. The waist ropes were knotted off to the sides of the bed, the knee and shoulder ropes to the corners which forced her legs apart, and her wrists were tied to the bottom of her bed while her hair rope was secured to the metal at the top.

I’m completely ted down to the bed, and it’s as if I’m stuck in a spider’s web. There is something very different going on here, but I don’t know what it is. All I know is that I want you!

A cloth strip was placed over her eyes and tied off at the back of her head, leaving her blindfolded, and she felt him lie on top of her as he pressed himself into her flower, which elicited a scream of joy from the bound captive. He slid in and out of her gently at first, but the thrusts increased in speed and intensity until she gave out one long scream as her body entered orgasm, and her world became one of bliss and convulsions...

As she lay on the bed in her long pos-orgiastic bliss, Sara was surprised to hear footsteps coming up the stairs. You’re coming back to me? This is impossible, anyone who mates with me in this condition runs away screaming in terror. She caught the scent of cooked meat in her nostrils and she felt a massive desire to eat.

“Are you hungry?” He asked and Sara nodded her head.

Please feed me, I need to eat!

“I am going to remove your gag, and you will eat what I put in your mouth. There is to be no talking.” The woman sighed with relief as the man removed the gag from her mouth.

Instead of running away in fear of being eaten, you are going to feed me! Are you immune to that effect on me? If so, then you can’t go after this, you need to stay with me. A small piece of meat was placed in her mouth, and Sara thought that is was the most delicious food ever as she savoured the taste. She just lay there on the bed, enjoying the meal that her captor had prepared for her.

“Open your mouth wide, as you need to be gagged again.” He said, so Sara obliged him and she was soon gagged.

Please make love to me again. Sara was kissed and caressed as she was taken to the edge many times by her captor, but not allowed her release until she was literally begging for her fulfilment.

“Will you be my willing captive from now on?” He asked.

The captive nodded her head vigorously. Yes, I’ll be your captive, bound and gagged and at your mercy! It almost seemed heavenly when he entered her again and took her to a level of ecstasy that she didn’t believe was possible...

Sara was resting on the bed, eating the steak that had been prepared for her, when her captor removed the blindfold and she was able to look around the room. The first thing that she noticed was that the pheromone indicators were glowing green, which meant that she was no longer any risk to anyone. You’ve cured me, I don’t know who you are, but you’ve cured me!

Tears started to drip from the captive’s eyes as she started to sob from the emotional release within her, and soon she was crying profusely. “I’m sorry.” the man said “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“That’s okay, you haven’t hurt me.” Sara said as she sniffled “I thought that finding a treatment for my condition is impossible, and you just happen to randomly turn up at the cabin and change my life for the better. By the way, my name is Sara Smite.”

“Hi Sara, my name is Brian Carter. It does seem to be a little late for name swapping after what we just went through, given what has happened.” Brian said “I do not think that meeting you was random, though. I shall tell you what happened.”

“I was at Sydney Airport in Australia, returning from a holiday in the USA, when I noticed a scent that affected me greatly, and I had to find out what it was.  I followed it through the airport, and came across a forty year old craggy looking man whose name was Richard. It appeared that he was convalescing on holiday because of an incident that lead to the death of a woman at a research laboratory. I asked him where he came from, and I was on my way to the USA by the return flight. I flew to the city where he came from, and the scent at that airport was even stronger, which I traced to one particular aircraft.”

“The aircraft owner told me told me of an unusual journey of a lady in a biohazard suit up to Maine, and I flew to the destination that he mentioned, where the smell was even stronger. After that is was a simple matter of hiking here.” Brian paused for a moment. “I hope you’re not angry with me for this, as I somehow felt that I had to come here.”

Sara had finished crying by now and she had felt more peaceful than she had done for the last month. “After you mated-, made love to me, you weren’t terrified of me eating you?”

“Not at all, the only thought on my mind was that you had to be fed and that it was my duty to feed you.” Brian answered.

“Brian, please stay with me. Please don’t leave me.” Sara said.

“That may be a problem, as my visa expires on Monday.” Brian said “I won’t be able to remain in the states.”

“Don’t worry about your visa, Brian. On Tuesday, I will be speaking to someone who will be very happy for you to remain with me...”

Dominated by DNA Part 34

There was a beep from the PC as the data had finished being written to the CD, it was ejected from the machine, and the man placed this and the memory drive into his pocket. Chloé yelped as Doctor Johnson took a zip tie, wrapped it around her ankles and pulled it very tight, and she protested as she was laid on her right side, facing the door to the laboratory which held one small window. Angela was placed facing her friend and the criminal set about binding them together with more zip ties.

“As to my plans, I will be leaving here with my data, and then I plan on selling it to the highest bidder. Oh, don’t look so shocked, what did you think I was going to do with it, give it away to some random terrorist? And don’t think that it will go to some terrorist organisation, as the highest bidder is bound to be the USA. After all, paying me for Parlour is going to be far cheaper than having to pay out to repair the damage it will cause. The USA will be safe, so long as they don’t try any tricks. If they do, they will discover that Parlour will be placed all over the internet and a message will let everyone know why.”

By this time, Johnson had secured the two ladies together at the ankles, knees, waist and chest with more ties, leaving them immobilised on the floor, and he walked around between the captives and the door, so that he could get a clear view of Chloé’s face.

“So, my future is safe as the USA will leave me alone, and I am not so foolish as to double cross them on the deal. If it comes to securing the safety of their country, or avenging a few agents and a pair of idiotic young women, you pair and those agents will be considered as acceptable losses.”

The criminal took a device out of his pocket and pressed the button. “In fifteen minutes, a large incendiary device will explode in the server room, destroying the hard drives there. I ensured that my files weren’t backed up, so they won’t have been stored offsite. I cannot erase the files from the server here, so I have no choice but to destroy them. Another device will explode ten minutes later at reception, ensuring that the destruction will be complete.”

At this, the girls started to struggle against their bonds as they whimpered in fear. “The fire protection system has been deactivated so there is no chance of the flames being extinguished. I’m sorry that you have to die, but you two shouldn’t have got in my way.”

Chloé screamed out through her gag. We are both dead, and I will be the one to blame! At this moment, there was a movement at the window behind the scientist and the captive halted her struggle in shock. Mon Dieu! Sara, how did you know where we were? The French lady started her struggles and cried out, not wanting the criminal to realise that something had changed...

As Sara moved down the corridor towards the laboratory she realised that she had to activate, even though she was warned against it. I have been warned of possible side effects, but if I don’t do this, Chloé and Angela will die. She halted and thought about the memory of the morning, when Miss Smith sprayed the chemical of male spider pheromones onto her. There seemed to be a change in her body, it felt as if there was a warm glow inside her, and as she raised her hand the watch was glowing a deep red. Maybe if I walk down the corridor with my scent, he might be stopped from escaping once we mate.

It only took a minute to walk to the laboratory, and as she peeked through the window, she saw the two ladies zip tied together on the floor, and the binding materials on a desk. Two large zip ties, a rubber ball and a nearly finished roll of black duct tape. That should guarantee that he will use the handcuffs on me.

“I’m sorry that you have to die, but you two shouldn’t have got in my way.” The man said.

She noticed that Chloé was staring at her for a second before the young lady continued her struggles. Good, Chloé. Hopefully you haven’t given the game away, but I need to send you a message. The handcuffs were lifted up to the window, and Sara mimed pulling it apart rapidly before nodding at Chloé.

The helpless lady watched as Sara performed her act, and she managed to work out what it meant. You can pull them apart, Sara? That is wonderful, as you will be able to break your bonds and rescue us. Mon Dieu, your dial is red! You are taking a major risk in doing this.

The lady lowered her hand and pondered about her next move. If I wait any longer, he’ll probably kill them, so I’d better make my entrance.

The man glared at the two captives on the floor. “Why do people like you think that they are so smart? This is real life, not some Saturday morning animation, and teens don’t save the day as they are the ones that get killed. Did you actually think that some meddlesome dog would help you?”

The woman opened the door to the laboratory and stepped into the room in a cloud of chemicals, holding the handcuffs in her right hand. “I’m sorry that we have no meddlesome dogs.” Sara said “But would a bitch in heat be an acceptable substitute? Oh, that’s wonderful, you’re playing a game of cops and robbers. Are these the helpless prisoners that have been taken captive by the bad guy?”

Dr Johnson turned to the woman next to him. “That’s right.” he said as he took the firearm out of his jacket and pointed it at her “And you’re joining in the game.”

“Oh please kind sir, you wouldn’t be so cruel as to order poor little ole me to remove my jacket and tell me to handcuff my wrists together behind my back?” Sara asked, hoping that it would put ideas into the captor’s head.

“Do it.” he said as he licked his lips “And remove your bra as well.”

The lady pulled down the zip on the front of her jacket and gently pulled the garment down her arms and over her hands, before unhooking the clasp on the front of her strapless bra and letting it fall to the floor. Chloé looked on in surprise as the woman enclosed one of the cuffs around her right wrist, before taking her hands behind her back and ratcheting the other cuff to her left hand.

“Please don’t remove my skirt and panties, it would be so horrible if you do.” The man put his firearm on a table, walked over to the woman, unzipped her mini skirt and then pulled her panties down to her ankles and off her feet. “I can’t stand being made to kneel on the floor as someone binds my ankles to my knees.” She said as she made an attempt to tremble. I hope that you take the hint and do this as it will make my situation easier.

The man took her by the arms and forced her into a kneeling position on the floor, before picking up the long zip ties and cruelly binding her ankles to her thighs which left the captive in a strict frogtie. “You talk too much.” he said as he picked up the tape and ball from the desk and forced the ball into the helpless woman’s mouth. Three strips of tape were used to seal Sara’s mouth and ensure that she was gagged, and she writhed as the fires of lust grew in her Mound.

The man roughly kissed her on the neck and shoulders and she moaned in response to his handling as his hands gently moulded the flesh of her breasts. “MMGGMM!” She cried as his right hand explored the dampness of her intimacy. Go on, go on!

“I will mate with you as that is what you want.” The man said as he pushed the helpless woman onto her back, and she screamed in delight as he forced himself into her. His thrusts became faster and more intense, and the captive writhed and screamed in pleasure as she approached the ecstasy of orgasm.

“MMMMMMMM!” Her fulfilment arrived quickly, and she felt another change in her as the man pulled out of her, zipped his trousers and stood up. She looked at him as the colour seemed to drain from his face, and his expression was as if he was seeing something that should never be seen.

“No! You can’t! Please don’t eat me!” He took step after step backward to the door as the captive stared at him with a smile showing under her gag, and he seemed to be trying to shield himself from some unknown terror. “I’m sorry! Just don’t devour me!” What little resistance that remained tovanished and the man screamed in terror as he ran through the door, and he turned to the right for a moment before reversing his direction and running deeper into the complex.

You are not going to get out that way and only the servers are down there. The helpless lady tried to pull her wrists apart, but the handcuff link maintained its integrity. What was different? That’s it, I was still furious with Robert when I rescued Richard. She summoned up the image of the nightmare in her mind where the two ladies were burning to death, and she tried to pull her hands apart again. This time the cuffs came apart easily, there was a satisfying tink as the link fell to the floor, and Sara wasted no time in breaking the zip ties and removing the tape from her face.

“You even forgot that.” she said as she noticed that the firearm was still on the table “I need that formula, so I’m after you.” The woman quickly got dressed and left the room in the same direction as Dr Johnson.

“Where’s my meal, my succulent mate?” She shouted as she slowly walked down the corridor, and she was answered by a scream from the room at the end. “Hiding as far away as possible in the server room, are we?”

She was some distance away from the room, when she saw a brilliant flash, and a wall of noise and energy knocked her off her feet. As she picked herself up of the floor, she could already see flames licking out of the server room door. “A bomb? You just got blown up by your own bomb? OMG! Chloé and Angela are still helpless, I have to get back to the lab.”

Sara turned around and ran back to the room where the young ladies were lying on the floor, and she was about to pick up a scalpel so that she could cut them free when she looked at their faces.

Instead of showing fear, their eyes were full of lust.

“Oh, Angela, Chloé. I’m so sorry. I dare not free you right now as you are both affected, so I must find a way to move you two as you presently are.” As the captives screamed in protest at not being freed, Sara looked around the room and noticed the large curtains by the windows. She pulled one down, laid it on the floor beside the bound ladies and rolled them onto it.

“I know that this is undignified, but it is safer for all of us.” She said as she took hold of one end and pulled the helpless young women out of the room. The woman used every ounce of strength that she had to pull them along the corridor, through reception and out of the building.

“Okay, that should be far enough away from the building so that there is no risk of getting hurt.” Sara said, and her comment was punctuated by the explosion of the second device in the reception area of the building. “I’m just going to remove your gags, ladies, but I am not going to free you.”

The tape was removed from Chloé’s mouth, the captive pushed the ball out with her tongue and said “You must untie me, Sara. I want to bind you so you are helpless and then mate with you.”

Angela’s gag was removed, and she said “Free me so I can pleasure you in the way that you need.”

Sara backed away slowly from the captives who lusted after her. “I’m sorry, but you two will have to stay like this until someone else can free you.”

“Sara, is that you?” James shouted. Sara turned around and she saw that James was standing about thirty feet away from her, with the counter agent can in his hand.

“Don’t come any closer, James. I am deliberately active and it seems that the age limit on my glamour has dropped so that I’m irresistible at eighteen.”

“I saw and heard it.” James said “That’s why I haven’t come any closer. I’ll roll the aerosol can towards you.” He squatted on the ground and rolled the container with the counter agent towards the free woman who picked it up.

“I’ll try it now.” Sara said as she pulled the zip down on her jacket and removed the item of clothing before spraying her chest and abdomen with the chemical. The can was placed back on the floor, and the woman looked at her watch, anticipating the change of colour from red to green.

There was no difference, and the watch shone as red as ever.

“James, I’m going to back away from Chloé and Angela, as the counter agent is now ineffective on me. It will be safe to free them when they no longer lust for me.” Sara said as she walked away from the two captives, only stopping when she was in the middle of the car park. “Contact Anne and tell her of the current situation, James. By the way, how did you get here, and did you see someone in my car?”

“I arrived by taxi, and Anne informed me that Richard is in the car, awaiting an ambulance.” James said “I’ll call her now.” The young man spoke into his phone for a few minutes as he walked closer to the captive ladies.

“Oh Sara, I am so sorry. It is all my fault, please forgive me.” Chloé shouted as she lay on the ground. “If I had not come here tonight and spoke to Anne instead, none of this would have happened.” Choking sobs interrupted the young lady’s talking.

“James, you can free the ladies now, and I think that they need a lot of comforting.” Sara watched as an ambulance pulled up to the gates and Richard walked slowly to the paramedics who helped him inside before they drove away.

“I don’t think Richard saw me. James, I’m going to my vehicle, while you free the girls. Do not speak to anyone about what has happened until Anne tells you to, as I’m going to speak to her about something important.” Sara ran over to where her car was parked, opened the door and entered the vehicle. In the car park, James took out a knife and cut the bonds off Chloé and her friend, and the girls rubbed their arms and legs to get the circulation going.

After the woman got into her car, she activated her systems in order to speak to the FBI agent. “Anne, it’s Sara. I need to talk to you about something.”

“Thank God! Are you okay? Apart from the obvious?” Anne said “I’m just glad that all of you are alive, I’ll be there in less than a minute.”

“Do you have some kind of suit that I can wear to protect those around me?”

“Yes, Sara. It is in the trunk of my vehicle and you can wear it once I park beside you. We have contacted Miss Smith and there is a spare laboratory that we can start running tests.”

Sara stepped out of the vehicle and waited for Anne to pull up in a large black car, before going to the trunk and opening it. Finding the decontamination suit was easy, and as every employee had received proper training with this equipment, it was a simple matter to make sure that she was effectively suited up. The only thing she had to do was remove her watch first, and then strap it on outside the suit, and after a minute it turned from red to green.

“I’m safe now, and I’m entering via the left rear door.” As she opened the door and sat down in the vehicle, she noticed that Anne was actually the passenger, and it was someone who looked similar to her who was driving.

“Sara, What is it you want to talk to me about. After all, the danger’s over now that Parlour and its creator are destroyed in the explosion.” Anne said.

“Parlour isn’t gone, Anne. I’m the last remaining part of it, and I’m guessing that there are people who will do anything to get hold of it. If they can’t get to me, they will use anyone I know in whatever way possible as a lever.”

“I never thought of that, Sara.” Anne said “We can put you somewhere safe.”

“There is nowhere safe, as long as I’m alive. I’m a danger to everyone I know. You, Chloé, James, Miss Smith, Angela, Janet, James’s parents, are all at great risk as long as I’m alive.”

“You can’t be thinking what I think you’re thinking.” Anne said with a shocked tone.

“The only way the threat is removed is if I died in the explosion at reception, and my body was burnt to ashes. With nothing left to look for, the threat is removed.”

“Throwing your life away like that is a useless act.” Said the driver.

“Do not think that I threw my life away in a useless gesture, as helping others is never useless.” Said Sara.

“That’s very deep.” Anne said “Who wrote that?”

“My mother, on the day that she died. It was the last thing that she wrote.” Sara replied. “I’m sorry, but that is a very painful memory for me.”

“I understand that this has been a difficult decision for you, Sara. I will contact James, Chloé and Angela, and let them know that you are now ‘officially dead’. Information about your demise will be released to the press and you friends will be briefed on how to help with the subterfuge.” Anne said.

So long as this keeps the people that I love safe...

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dominated by DNA Part 33

Chloé stepped out of the vehicle and thanked the driver before she walked over to the main door and into the building. There was only one security officer at the front desk, instead of the two that she saw on Friday morning. “Good morning, my name is Chloé and I am here to see Angela. By the way, why is there only one of you?”

The guard stood up and stepped out from behind his desk. He was about fifty years old, with a long nose, grey thinning hair, and a small paunch. “My colleague is visiting the men’s room at the moment. Angela didn’t mention anything about you coming here, which means that your appearance is very suspicious. Please stay where you are and don’t move.” He said as he approached the young lady.

“But, Angela telephoned me about twenty minutes ago and asked me to come here. What is going on?” Chloé asked.

“Sorry, but this is standard protocol. Until I can verify who you are with Angela, I have to ensure that you are no threat. Place your hands behind your back.” He said.

The young lady obeyed his instructions and placed her hands so that her palms touched. “I am not here under false pretences. I actually am here to meet Angela.” A shiver went down her spine as she felt plastic go around each of her wrists, and there was the familiar zipping sound that went with the tightening of her bonds. “Please, these zip handcuffs are unnecessary, Angela really does want to see me.”

“Hold still, lady.” The man instructed, and the helpless lady yelped as another plastic strap was wrapped around her kegs, just above her knees, and this zip tie was pulled very tight, forcing her upper legs together.

“This is not standard behaviour! You are up to-ulp!” Chloé’s voice was muffled as a rubber ball was roughly stuffed into her mouth.

“If you know what’s good for you, you will do exactly as I say.” The man whispered into her ear “That is unless you actually want to feel pain. Do you understand?”

The captive nodded her head as she trembled, knowing that wasn’t some game being played out, but she was a genuine captive. The guard opened a drawer in the desk, pulled out a roll of duct tape, tore off several strips and used them to seal up the lady’s mouth.

Bigre! Fichtre! Merde! Merde! Merde! I have fallen for the oldest trick in fiction. “Please visit me alone, and let no one know that you are coming here.” Calling me at two o’clock in the morning and using Angela to call me was very clever, as it caught me off my guard. Angela! This brute must have you held prisoner as well. No, this one’s not smart enough for the research, which means that he is just a standard henchman. No doubt I will be taken to the person in charge.

Two more large zip ties were wrapped tightly around the captive’s body, one around her upper arms and chest, just below her breasts, and the other around her wrists and waist. “I would love to have fun with you, but we are going so see the person in charge, and he wants you intact. It’s a pity, as I think that I would really enjoy you.”

Chloé trembled again at her captor’s comments I have no doubts about what you mean by enjoy me. I think that if I disobey you in any way, you will give me an example.

“Now walk down the corridor and turn right. I will give you instructions as we go.” He said as he pressed his hands against her back.

Chloé walked forward as her mind raced, hoping to work out some kind of escape plan…

“NO!” Sara screamed twice more as she awoke. That can’t happen! I won’t let it happen. The woman sprang out of bed and switched on the light.

“Where are you, Chloé?” Sara heard James voice in the master bedroom, and the question confirmed her worst fears.

The lady rushed into the master bedroom and looked for the case which contained her clothing. “Chloé is in great danger, and I have to rescue her.” The suitcase was opened, and the woman lifted out a set of dusky pink colour clothing which were the only items left. “James, call Chloé while I get dressed.” She took the underwear which consisted up hold up-stockings, panties and bra, and hurriedly put them on. The rest of the clothing was made of leather, and consisted if a jacket, miniskirt, gloves and over the knee boots. The skirt and jacket went on first, followed by the boots and the gloves were put on last.

James pressed the button on his cell phone and a beeping noise was heard downstairs. “Her phone is still here, Sara? Shall I call Anne?” He said.

“Yes James, and be quick about it. I’m going to my car and driving to GEN-DAWN. I’ll explain to you over Angela’s phone as soon as I start driving.” Sara rushed downstairs to pick up her bag and cell phone.

“Why GEN-DAWN, Sara?” James asked as he waited for a response on his cell phone.

“Because that’s where Chloé will be.” Sara answered and she went to the front door and opened it. “I’ll explain to you as soon as I start driving.” The lady opened the door of her vehicle, sat down in the driver’s seat, closed the door and started the vehicle. “I’ll use speaker phone, now get inside James as I need to go.”

Sara pulled away and started the drive towards the laboratory, and as soon as she was on her way, she selected Angela’s number on the phone. After a few seconds the call connected and James said “What is going on, Sara?”

“I need you to listen: One, Chloé’s phone is still at the house. Two, Chloé is missing and she told no one where she was going. That indicates that something bad has happened.” Sara said.

“I agree.” James said “How can you be so sure where she is, though?”

“I saw her in a nightmare, and before you say anything, every Sara for a hundred years has had similar nightmares, and the events come to pass. Sometimes certain things can be avoided, but the main event still happens in general.”

“I’m prepared to accept this, after all there was the part about your name being redeemed this morning, plus your ghost story concerning Sunday. What did you see?” James asked.

“I saw two women bound and gagged and surrounded by fire, and one of them was red haired. I also recognised the room as being in the complex where I work.”

“You mean Chloé is going to get burned to death! That’s horrible!” James shouted.

“Relax, James. I’m sure that if I can get there in time, I can save her. We have managed to save quite a few people’s lives over this century. The main problem is getting them to believe us.”

“Wait Sara, I think that I’m getting through to Anne.” James replied.

“I’ll hang up and wait for her signal then.” Sara said as she reached for the phone and ended the call. I have to be careful, as I don’t want to get stopped by the police. The woman drove on and waited for a call from the agent, hoping that it would be soon…

 Chloé was forced into a room and recognised it as the one in which Miss Smith worked on Friday, and she had to suppress a desire to scream as she saw who was in there. There was a sixty year old man in a two piece black suit and tie, and her friend Angela. Angela, what has he done to you? The helpless secretary was dressed in the same clothes from earlier, and she was bound in the same way as Chloé, except for the zip tie around her ankles. The poor lady was bent over a desk, with the man pressing his right hand down against her back.

“Ah, you must be Chloé. You’re just the girl I want to speak to. Apparently you hold the key to my data, and you are going to give it to me.”

Chloé shook her head as the guard forced her to bend over the desk to the right of her friend. I cannot give you the information.

“You must think that you are so tough, behaving like that. You can go now, Robert. I can deal with these silly children.” The man said.

“Yes Doctor Johnson.” the guard said. “I hope you can get your files.” The officer walked out of the door and left the ladies alone with the doctor.

Your name was mentioned on Friday when I visited here, and I was told that you were on vacation.

“Will you let me know the code name that hides my files?” Doctor Johnson asked, and Chloé responded by shaking her head.

“So, you think that you can resist what I can do to you. In which case, I’ll do it to your friend instead.” The doctor said as he took hold of the little finger of Angela’s right hand, causing the captive to scream. Have you ever heard what the breaking of a finger sounds like?” He asked.

The poor captive begged and pleaded for mercy as her finger was pushed back to almost breaking point, and Chloé knew that capitulation was her only choice if she wanted to stop her friend from being tortured.

“Are you going to tell me what the code is, then?” He asked.

The French captive nodded her head in defeat, and the scientist removed her gag

“Good, tell me the code, and I can enter it into this computer.” He said, and the young lady provided him with the correct code. “This should only take a few minutes to download the correct file onto disc and memory stick.” He said as he entered the code into the computer.

“By the way, if you think that your agent friend will help you, think again.” James said “She has already been sent on a wild goose chase, following a remote attempt at access. When they try to open the door where the computer is, they will find a nice surprise waiting for them.”
“What have you done?” Chloé asked.

“As I have time before the files copy, I will tell you. The remote office has been booby trapped and it will explode when someone tries to open the door. That nice idea of trying to trace and capture me is going to backfire.”

“How do you know what was planned?”

“Everybody spoke about what was happening in front of Robert, and Robert told me. He let me know where Angela lived, and it was just a simple matter of lying in wait for her this evening after the place closed down. After Angela was bound, she was very talkative about everything, especially the fact that you had the code to access my files.”

The man looked at the data stream which showed how long it had until downloading as complete. “You have one more question before I put your gag back in.”

Think hard, what knowledge could be useful? The captive thought for a moment before saying “What you plan to do next?”

“Open wide, Chloé.” The man said, and Chloé did as instructed. The ball was forced back into her mouth, fresh strips of tape were taken off a roll, and the girl was helplessly gagged again…

The phone rang and Sara pressed the front of the device to activate the call. “Sara.” Anne said “What’s this about Chloé? Did you actually say to James that you saw her in a dream?”

“Yes. Anne, where are you?” Sara asked.

“We picked up an attempt to access the files at the laboratory remotely, so a team of us are heading to the location where the computer is.” Anne explained “In a few minutes, we will apprehend whoever is behind this.”

“Anne, I saw two people in the dream, vision, call it what you will. If one of them is Chloé, then the other could be Angela. If that is the case, everything that has been set up is compromised and can be used against us.” Sara said “In all likelihood, you will be walking straight into a trap, and the whole thing could blow up in your faces.”

“We’ll take great care then, and assume what you say is true.” Anne said.

“Anne, how long will it take you to get to the laboratory from your present destination?” Sara asked.

“It will take us about thirty minutes-, oh SHIT!” Anne said “Sara, if you’re right, we’ve been played for complete fools! We forgot to think that there may be more than one person involved, and the other person may also work at the laboratory. If this is the case, they will know that Angela has been working for us.”

“Anne, if I hadn’t had the nightmare-.” Sara hesitated in mid sentence.

“Then Chloé and Angela would have no chance of rescue, and our team could have ended up dead as well. I’m going to trust you on this, even though it goes against years of training. I’ll drop two team members off at our destination so that they can secure the area, and then I’m heading for the laboratory. I fear that I won’t be in time, anyway, which means that you are Chloé and Angela’s only hope of survival.”

Sara turned a corner and saw the main entrance of the building. “I’m here, Anne, and I’m going to leave my phone in the car. If I’m wrong, then I’ll call you in a few minutes. If you don’t hear from me, assume the worst. Goodbye Anne.”

“Goodbye and good luck, Sara, and I hope the Pink Widow gives them hell.” Anne ended the contact and Sara exited the vehicle.

As the woman carefully walked up to the entrance, she noticed that something was very wrong, as only one security guard was on duty. The only one there is Robert, yet Richard normally works the night shift on a Saturday as the money is useful for his family. You bastard Robert, if you’ve done anything to Richard! Sara stopped for a moment so that she could calm down. I mustn’t let my feelings take control right now, as I have to find out where Richard is.

After collecting her thoughts, the woman walked through the main entrance and up to a very surprised Robert. “Good evening, Robert. Angela phoned me about fifteen minutes ago about wanting to pick up Chloé from the laboratory.” Sara said, hoping that her lie would catch the guard out.

“Well.”The guard said nervously “I could take you to them, but are you sure that you are safe?”

“I activated this morning, so there’s no danger of me seducing you tonight. Anyway, I know the way to the laboratory, so there’s no need to take me there.” Sara turned to her left and started to walk down the corridor. They are alive and there’s no fire as far as I can see, so I have a chance.

“Stop! Don’t move a muscle.” Robert said.

The woman halted and placed her feet together, and she could feel metal pressing against the back of her head. “It’s a pity that I will have to take you to the men’s room and leave you there with Richard, but you would have been safe if you had stayed at home.” Robert said.

“What did you do to Richard?” Sara asked, as she allowed her anger to build up.

“I hit him on the back of the head with my pistol, dragged him into the toilet and handcuffed him to a pole, so that he will be in here when the building burns down. It’s a pity about Chloé and Angela, but it would have been much more of a waste if they were younger, as they would be much more fun.” The man said.

The last comment took Sara’s anger over the edge, but it seemed that her heart was beating at the same speed as she started to spin on her left heel. She seemed to be moving normally, but Robert seemed to move in slow motion as her left hand gripped and pushed back the top of the Glock. She hit Robert’s sternum hard with the palm of her right hand, and he released his grip of the firearm as both of his hands went to his chest.

The lady’s heart was beating at a high rate as the thug dropped to the floor, and he clawed at his chest for a few seconds before lying still. “Get a grip Sara, You have to save Richard.” She ran to the men’s room and found the cragged looking forty year old with his hands handcuffed behind his back to a pole. Sara noticed that he was still a little groggy, and she realised that she had forgotten to pick up Robert’s keys.

“Here goes nothing.” Sara said as she gripped the handcuffs and pulled suddenly, which broke the connecting link and freed the man. “Richard, go to my car around the corner, and use the phone to return an incoming call so that you can let them know what is happening. Wait a moment, I’ll need these.” The handcuffs that were on the guard’s belt were taken by the woman and she gripped them firmly.

“Hurry, I’ll explain later.” Sara said as she raced out of the men’s room and down the corridor to the room where the captives would be in...